US Drayage Terms & Conditions

Important Information:

  • Rates are valid for 30 days.  We may always ask for extension from our carriers.  Due to uncertainty and high demand, carriers unfortunately limit the validity period.
  • Terminal fee may apply for special container types ( FR, OT) with min $650 per container .
  • Rates are valid per container and does not include any additional charges unless otherwise is specified.
  • Freight with legal weight has one (1) hour free at the terminal and one (1) hour free for loading/unloading. If the free time is exceeded there will be an additional fee added of $100 per hour.
  • If the container is returned to a different rail ramp or port from the one originally picked up from, a CHASSIS SPLIT charges may apply. Depending on the SSL – charges must be confirmed prior pick up.
  • If the terminal will not accept return container due to congestion, Freightlead will not be responsible any additional charges which may occur such as Dry Run, chassis, detention, per diem, storage, etc.
  • Freightlead will not be responsible for any per-diem charge that may be associated to this load. The invoice can take up to one (1) to (2) two months to be sent by the SSL.
  • If the ERD changes after container gate in Storage charges may occur at the port & terminal.
  • Steamship lines or terminals may limit receiving of containers due to high congestion (or change of vessel schedules)  which may cause per-diem, detention, and other charges.  Freightlead will not be responsible for these charges. 
  • Most carriers’ liability will not exceed $1.00 per pound, per package.  Therefore, we highly recommend insuring your cargo.  We’ll be pleased to assist you should you need our assistance with cargo insurance.
  • Rate is valid for legal weight, non-Haz cargo, commercial pickup/delivery,  live load /unload    unless otherwise is specified.  Please advise if any of these conditions apply.  Our rate may change depending on these conditions.
  • If pickup location (or delivery location) has special equipment requirements, please let us know.  This may affect the total rate.   (Such as,   lift gate / forklift for loading-unloading, labor, special equipped truck, etc.)
  • Please note that;   this is not a guaranteed service as carriers cannot rely on the correct paperwork being used at time of pick up and/or delivery and will not be responsible for deliveries to an incorrect address.
  • Please verify that all the information above (freight details) is correct, if not, please share with us the correct details. Rates are based on those information/details.
  • If selected carrier arrives at pick up location for export shipments and the shipper does not load the container/truck, a pickup attempt may be charged.
  • If selected carrier arrives at delivery location for import shipments and the customer does not unload/Devan the container/truck, a delivery attempt may be charged.
  • Please keep in mind that certain hazmat cargo classified as explosives, toxic and/or radioactive (Hazmat Class 1, 6 and 7) will have several restrictions. We require proper documentation such as a Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to issue the correct BOL so we can provide you with accurate carrier selections and avoid any possible inconveniences. Due to the type of shipment tendered, there could be additional transit days to consolidate the cargo at intermediate terminals. Hazmat movements cannot be dispatched as Guaranteed Service.
  • Rate is applicable to non-bonded cargo only   unless otherwise is specified.
  • If the pickup or delivery location is at a residential area, additional residential fee may apply. Some carriers may reject residential deliveries / pickups so pls make sure you provide these details beforehand.
  • Live unload/load pricing is subject to minimum of 3 days chassis rental in addition to rate quote unless otherwise is specified.
  • Provided trucking delivery / pick up rates are not valid for any drop off requirements unless specified.
  • If the container arrives over the weekend additional charges such as demurrage, prepull, chassis, storage may occur.
  • Any deviation to stated cargo weights or particulars, may require a quotation revision.
  • If the shipment load as OW, it may subject to additional charges as well as transload charges.
  • These rates may not be valid for AMAZON Whse deliveries. Since Amazon has strict rules and probable waiting time;  some carriers do not accept Amazon Whse delivery.  Others may request additional payment for such deliveries.
  • Rate may be subject to equipment / power availability at time of booking.  Due to current (nationwide) trucker unavailability and high demand,  service if not guaranteed and subject to carrier approval and availability.
  • It is the shipper’s responsibility that export cargo has been blocked / braced in accordance with AAR guidelines for safe overland transit.
  • Import containers are accepted and processed as shipper’s load, stow, count, and seal.   Importer/receiver of cargo (or container) is responsible for cleaning of container (sweeping of dunnage, package, material etc) after unloading.
  • If container arrives to following terminals or departure via following terminal;  mentioned terminal receiving charges will be added on our invoices (Long Beach pier pass fee $100/ ctr, Oakland port/terminal receiving fee $45/cntr,   South Florida Terminal receiving fee $160/cntr,   Boston port gate fee $100/cntr, Norfolk Tunnel Expansion Fee $35/cntr)
  • If container arrives to following ports;  Clean Truck fee (CTF) will be added on our invoices (Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports $25/ cntr ). 
  • If container departs from following port; Terminal Gate fee (TGF) will be added on our invoices ( Oakland Port Terminal Gate Fee $45/cntr ).
  • If genset will not provide by shipping line, extra charges may occur.
  • Chassis Detention fee of $40/per day will occur as an addition to standard Chassis fee If MSC chassis will use by carrier.
  • All shipments destined to Turkiye is subject to ISPM – 15 regulations. Failure to comply will result in containers being returned to origin country or cargo being destroyed with all costs, fines and penalties on shipper`s account.  
  • Freightlead will not be responsible for probable demurrage charges due to port congestion & chassis shortage. By accepting our rate offer and placing a work-order, you hereby accept these terms and conditions.

Please see below information about chassis and accessorial charges that may apply to your load:

Accessorials Charge Notes
Chassis Fee Case by case (depends on area) Charges are per day and two (2) days minimum will be billed. Customers that are exempt from chassis fees must have their contract number on their shipping’s paperwork for the carrier to review.  If distance is long, chassis usage may increase.
Chassis Split $150 Applies per each split if the chassis pick-up/delivery location is different to the container pick-up/delivery.
Chassis Flip $150 This charge applies when a container is needed to be moved from the original chassis to a different one. It generally applies for special equipment (tri-axle chassis) or at wheeled facility used temporarily and owned by others.
Triaxle Charge Case by case (depends on area) Charges are per day and two (2) days minimum will be billed ($400). Apply when weight is over 38000 lbs. in a 20′ / Over 44000 lbs. in a 40′.
Overweight Fee Fee depends on the state the cargo is being hauled at.  Pls ask
Hazmat We cannot haul: Class (1.1)(1.2)(1.3)(1.4)(1.5)(1.6)(2.3)(6.1)(6.2)(7)
Congestion Fee Charges apply depending on the carrier or ports facility. Pls ask
Toll Charge Case by case (depends on area) If it applies.
Terminal/Pier Pass Depends on port’s fee + administrative fee.
Pre-pull $200 Recommended for early appointments and/or emergencies.
Scale Tickets Case by case (depends on area) The cost of $125 to scale light (empty) and $125 to scale heavy (loaded).
Stop-off $200 Extra stop on loading /unloading process.
Driver Detention $100 1 Hour is free for loading/unloading.
Layover $300 Applies after 3 hours. Detention charges also apply if the lane exceeds 250 miles.
Residential Depends on the state and location (approximately $ 200-250)
Reefer Case by case
Placard Removal Sweep Out $120/$80 The consignee is responsible for this process.
Truck Order Not Used This charge includes linehaul cost + FSC + two (2) days of chassis.
Genset Fee Varies from ocean carrier to another (case by case)
Overnight Cntr Yard Storage Case by case
Re-delivery Case by case  ( if the terminal doesnt accept the container on appointment time, re-delivery charge may occur.



LTL Shipments



  • Rates are valid for 15 days.  We may always ask for extension from our carriers.  Due to uncertainty and high demand, carriers unfortunately limit the validity period.
  • Estimated transit times are based on business days for Standard LTL shipments and are NOT guaranteed. Lift-gate, indirect shipments, inside delivery, appointment scheduling, and holiday may add additional to transit time. Quote is based on weight, class, dimensions, and special requirements provided. Price is subject to change if actual shipment weight, class or dimensions differ. Our quote doesn’t include LTL insurance, please check insurance fee with Freightlead team member if needed.
  • If trucker fails to pick up the shipment, shipment may be subject to storage as it is not guaranteed shipments.
  • Rates are valid for only commercial deliveries, please check the rates for residential deliveries.
  • Rates are not including white glove services, inside delivery, lift gate and other additional services.
  • Freightlead shall only be liable for loss, damage, or delay of the Goods which are the direct and proximate result of Freightlead negligence or gross negligence.
  • Regardless of Clause, Freightlead shall not be liable for loss, damage, or delay arising from the special risks inherent in one or more of the following circumstances: the act or omission of the Customer or Owner or any person acting on their behalf:
    • Compliance with the instructions given to Freightlead by the Customer, Owner, or any other person entitled to give them;
    • Insufficiency of the packing or labeling of the goods;
    • Handling, loading, stowage, or unloading of the Goods by the Customer or Owner or any person acting on their behalf;
    • The inherent vice of the Goods;
    • Riots, civil commotions, strikes, lockouts, stoppage or restraint of labor from whatsoever cause;
    • Fire, Flood, Storm, Explosion, Or Theft; Or
    • Any cause which Freightlead could not avoid and the consequences whereof it could not prevent by the exercise of reasonable diligence.
    • Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty, or otherwise for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, costs, or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by the other Party; or for any loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill and/or business, loss of savings or any other pure economic loss whether direct or indirect.
  • For Amazon pick ups/deliveries:
    • Storage and detention charges may occur based on Amazon’s appointment time/day.
    • If Amazon doesn’t accept the shipment due to packing, products needs to be repacked/repalletized as per Amazon’s requirement. Therefore additional delivery, repacking, labelling, storage etc. may occur.
    • If the label is expired, labelling may need to be redone. Amazon may re-assign a new warehouse location because of the label expiration, the given rate will be changed.


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