Less Capacity Correction on Asia-Europe than on Trans-Pacific

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Articles, News

According to Sea-Intelligence’s recent report, Asia-Europe capacity correction was not as strong as on the Trans-Pacific. This is because schedule capacity up to four weeks out has lined up closely to actual deployment. Conversely, on the Trans-Pacific, weekly scheduled capacity over two weeks out has been considerably higher than actual deployment. Meanwhile, carriers have been adding capacity on the Asia-Mediterranean corridor, having scheduled less.

In recent weeks, schedules three to four weeks out were somewhat reflective of the actual deployment on Asia-Europe. “If anything, the lines ended up adding more capacity. Although schedules 5 or more weeks away had roughly 6-23% “extra” capacity, this was nowhere close to the capacity correction that was seen on the Trans-Pacific,” says Alan Murphy, CEO, Sea-Intelligence.

For Week 7, the capacity correction was on the higher end, whereas for Week 9, it was on the lower end, meaning there was a higher capacity correction in Week 7. According to Murphy, carriers on the Asia-Europe route corrected capacity “too aggressively” for week 7, but ended up adding some back in the weeks leading up to the week of deployment.

On Asia-Mediterranean, for the three-week period of Weeks 7-9, there was a trend of positive capacity correction where capacity was added back instead of taken out.

Source: Sea-Intelligence

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